For our customers, both airlines and investors alike, PK’s syndication capability allows us to source, arrange and manage diversified and optimized sources of financing. It gives access to new lending relationships while ensuring quality of execution, certainty of delivery and long-term commitment.

For our partners, PK is well-positioned to help bank and non-bank lenders take advantage of aircraft financing opportunities worldwide. PK’s presence in North America, Europe and Asia, with the support of GECAS teams established in 23 offices worldwide and also the wider GE, enables strong cover to support our customers. It is through our strong network that lending partners will have access to and benefit from PK’s experience and expertise.

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Financial Solutions

Senior Mortgage Loans

  • Full payout loans
  • Balloon loans
  • Non-recourse loans
  • Syndicated loans

Finance Leases

Conditional Sales

Purchase of Loans

PDP Loans

Bridge Loans

PK AirFinance is affiliated with GECAS and also finances helicopters with GECAS' Milestone Aviation.


We include features such as

  • Floating/Fixed Interest Rate
  • Mixed Currencies
  • Limited Recourse

To structure an optimal solution for every transaction, we consider

  • Accounting Treatment
  • Tax Treatment
  • Legal Structure
  • Asset Risk
  • Credit Risk
  • Currency Risk
  • Interest Rate Risk
  • Seasonal Cash Flows

Syndication Transactions

It is through our strong network that lending partners will have access to and benefit from PK’s experience and expertise:

  • PK has arranged aircraft acquisition/disposition and/or financing for more than 120 airlines and all aircraft types. Our broad customer base gives us access to a wide range of investment opportunities.
  • PK’s financial and technical expertise enables us to optimize the structure and performance of aircraft financing investments. PK leverages strong technical and asset management expertise from our lessor-parent, GECAS.

In the fast-changing aircraft financing market place, PK offers the kind of experience, global presence and resources that you can count on long term. For more information or to discuss aircraft financing syndication opportunities, please contact Claudia Barston, Vice President (Singapore)

Principal Business Activities

PK AirFinance has two principal business activities:

  1. Invest for its own account in aircraft backed loans and securities.
  2. We will provide or purchase:
    • Senior loans or finance leases
    • And other financial instruments based on a combination of aircraft asset risk and airline credit risk.
    • Generate non-risk business related to its financing activity by arranging debt.